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01522 694 709 / 07930 652 161

Cleaning and Servicing

Welcome to the Cleaning and Servicing page. The images on this page show a typical 8-day Longcase or Grandfather clock movement that was sent to us in a very dirty condition. The movement was cleaned and polished and returned to the customer who was obviously delighted with the results.

Our Movements are cleaned sympathetically, we do not believe that they should have every piece of age wiped away and made to look brand new, this is not true to restoration. In the pictures below, no new parts were used (with the exception of new pins). Prices start at just £200 for an intermediate Longcase / Grandfather clock movement service, and from £400 for a full strip clean and overhaul with a 12 month guarantee. We also clean, service and repair other types of clocks including Fusee wall clocks, French clocks, Vienna regulators and wall clocks, mantle clocks, Bracket clocks etc. Email us for further details on prices.

Movement stripped ready to be cleaned:

Stripped movement ready for cleaning
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Please contact us for pricing and quotes.