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Setting Up Guides

A Grandfather Clock is a thing of real beauty that many of us can recognise from our childhood. Although for many of us, the purchase of our "Dream" clock may never materialise (due to the high prices that some clock can now command), with so many credit options, credit cards, secured loans, unsecured loans, personal loans etc that are readily available, buying a nice Grandfather clock is within the reach now of most families. Most clocks are sturdy, after all, many have lasted for 100's of years, even with poor care and attention, and I have found that setting a clock up by yourself can bring an immense amount of self satisfaction when sat looking at your clock. So at the very least, have a go, and you can always email me for help.

Below are a selection of three setting up guides aimed at the layman who has little or no knowledge of setting up clocks. Grandfather clock (or Long case Clocks, Tall Case Clocks, as they are also known) are not difficult to set up as long as basic principles are followed. For all Grandfather Clocks, either of 30 hour duration or 8 day duration, it is vitally important to have the clock absolutely level and SOLID on the floor, if the clock can sway or move on the carpet for example, there is a good chance that the clock will stop after a few minutes. At the bottom of this page there are a few fault finding and fixing items for you to browse if you are having difficulties. Clocks are more robust than you might think, so have a go, you might surprise yourself!!